Grimbarians CIC x Creative Start CIC Mug


Grimbarians CIC x Creative Start CIC. Exclusive logo design by the artists of Creative Start for Grimbarians’ Artist in Residence project.

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As a part of Grimbarians' Artist in Residence project, our collaboration, Creative Start CIC, have redesigned our logo - and it looks incredible! The distinctive logos are printed on the front and back of a large white mug, so you can show your support for these two community organisations while you have your coffee in the morning.

When you purchase from the 'Adockalypse Now' collaboration range, you will be helping to showcase the talent of the Creative Start CIC artists and supporting Grimbarians CIC, enabling us to continue this project into the future. Find out more about the Artist in Residence collaboration.

About 'Adockalypse Now'

"We have always enjoyed coming up with concepts that combine Grimsby with pop culture, one of those that we have been sitting on for a while, is the ‘Adockalypse Now’ design. We love the simple bold and impactful design and it was initially our intention to paint it as a mural, which hopefully we may still get an opportunity to do." Says Sam Delaney, Founder of Creative Start CIC.

“Creative Start CIC has always been an inclusive arts programme, we want to make art accessible to all people. We are not precious when it comes to art and therefore believe it’s important that our designs and artwork are not always taken too seriously and that there is humour involved. To be honest, it’s felt like a bit of a mini apocalypse for us all lately, so being able to team up with Grimbarians CIC and launching this design, couldn’t have come at a better time. We hope that it brings a smile to the people of Grimsby.”