Nic Till, born and raised in Cleethorpes, has been a leading figure in the area’s buy local and support small business movements, inspired by the communities she experienced on her travels.

Whilst living in New Zealand, Nic was moved by the independence and quirkiness of coffee shops, which opened long hours, offered a range of healthy menu options, and were friendly to families and those with food allergies – they were an integral part of the local community. When she returned home, Nic decided to open Riverhead Coffee, an independent coffee shop serving top quality, freshly ground coffee and locally sourced, homemade, healthy food. In 2017, Nic opened the second Riverhead Coffee in Cleethorpes.

Her aspirations are to welcome people to her shops as she would welcome people to her own home, building a strong brand through her values; coffee, community, and kindness. Since 2017, Nic has been at the forefront of the Totally Locally North East Lincolnshire campaign, encouraging local businesses to collaborate, building up a business community that works together rather than against each other.

“I am a firm believer that both consumers and businesses buying products and services locally can really make the local economy thrive. Why buy something from a large faceless corporate company who doesn’t pay their fair share of taxes when you can head down to a local shop, have a chat and a real experience and at the same time really make a difference to that person’s life? At Riverhead Coffee, we support over 20 local businesses for products and services and that number increases to over 25 if you extend that to Greater Lincolnshire. Money stays local when you shop local.

“It’s also important to Riverhead Coffee as a business to promote and use our neighbouring businesses as we cannot exist in isolation – we need other businesses around us to generate footfall. On the flipside, I also strongly believe that businesses need to think about ways they can adapt their services and products to keep up with the demands of modern life. Conventional opening times are not always appropriate these days and offering an enhanced experience to the customer can really set a business apart.”