Lloyd Griffith

Feb 27, 2018Grimbarians - People

Lloyd Griffith is a comedian, countertenor and football fan from Grimsby who has toured across the country with his stand-up show. On Saturday mornings, you can catch Lloyd on Sky Sports’ Soccer AM.

Have you always wanted to be a comedian? 
I think from the moment that I knew that being a comedian was an ‘actual job’ that people could do, then yeah. But, growing up and seeing comedians on the TV, I always thought that it was just certain people that could do it. Turns out anyone can, it’s just figuring out how to do it. Quite similar to wanting to be a footballer, I guess.

How has growing up in Grimsby influenced your material?
Grimsby plays a huge part of my material, and who I am in general. That’s where my sense of humour happened and some of the funniest people I know are from Grimsby. I like to include as many jokes about my hometown as possible.

What do you like to do, or where do you like to go when you’re back in Grimsby? 
Well as I live down in London now, when I get back to Grimsby – which to be fair is about once a month – it’s usually dictated by my family. But definitely on the hitlist are Blundell Park, Steels, the beach, Willy’s, The Barge, Abbeygate and St James Church.

It happens to us all – when people ask you where you’re from and they don’t know where Grimsby is, how do you describe it?
I tell them to stop being so ignorant and educate themselves… then usually say ‘inbetween Hull and Lincoln’.

Would you rather never get a paper cut again or never get something in your eye again?
I’d rather see Lincoln City get relegated.

Grimbarians exhibition, July to October 2019, Grimsby. Copyright Grimbarians 2019.
Grimbarians exhibition, July to October 2019, Grimsby - copyright Grimbarians 2019

What’s next on the cards for you?
I’m just in the middle of a UK tour at the moment. I’m one of the new co-hosts of Soccer AM and also got some other exciting TV work on the horizon. And trying to lose weight. I’m always trying to lose weight.