Jordan Brompton

Dec 6, 2021Grimbarians - People

Jordan Brompton has been described as one of the most exciting entrepreneurs to watch. Born and raised in Grimsby, Jordan is a passionate eco-warrior, a ‘mumpreneur’ and the Co-Founder and CMO of a multi-national business that is leading the way in eco-smart technology.

“I’ve been in the renewables industry for a few years now, I absolutely love it. I first got into it when I went to work for my business partner Lee’s previous business in an admin role and I thought, ‘What absolute genius ideas’. I was gutted I wasn’t involved from the beginning because I could have marketed and sold the products so differently.

“We went our separate ways briefly and I set up my own business in cycling distribution, but I always kept my finger on the pulse in renewables because I just absolutely loved it. Then Lee tapped me on the shoulder in 2016 to see if we wanted to join forces. He knew that I had brought in some of his biggest accounts and knew I would market the products differently, so we put our heads together and now we have myenergi.”

Through innovating and manufacturing eco-smart technology, Jordan’s goal is to decarbonise homes not just in the UK, but around the world as fast as possible to help us get to net zero. Since 2016, Jordan and Lee have grown myenergi from a team of six to over 300 employees, opening subsidiaries across Europe, Australia and Ireland where they are market leaders, with the United States next on the list. In 2021, they opened a custom-built, state of the art headquarters in Stallingborough, where they design and manufacture their growing range of tech for the home and electric vehicles. Recently, they reached the milestone of 150,000 devices shipped worldwide from Grimsby.

“When we say we’re from Grimsby, people say, ‘Grimsby, no way!’ They do expect us to say our products are made in China and overseas, so people are buzzing that we make them in the UK. Then when we say Grimsby, lots of people have heard of here but don’t necessarily know a lot about it. It’s a conversation starter for sure, and then when people come up – or down – they always have such a good time.

Jordan Brompton, CMO and Co-Founder of myenergi. Grimbarians CIC December 2021.
Jordan Brompton, CMO and Co-Founder of myenergi. Grimbarians CIC December 2021.

“I think it blows people’s mind that we are doing all this in the UK, and when I explain we are on the Humber bank, the Energy Estuary near the likes Orsted and the windfarms, it all seems to sink in and click in place. I always big up the town, saying there are so many hard-working people, which we do have. It’s unbelievable how hard people have worked through the pandemic. In general, they really get behind the vision and the passion, and it just melts me to be honest. People are surprised but also, they get it.”

Jordan takes her role as a female Founder in tech very seriously, using her voice, experience and confidence to speak up for women in the industry and to provide opportunities to the area’s young people. “I like to think that I am paving the way for other women, I believe that and I like to lead by example. I’m a Grimsby girl, not academically smart, very hands-on, and a good communicator. I know what I want and I work hard. I have had to really graft to get to where I am.

“Now when women enter the company, because of the success that myenergi has had and the fact we are at the forefront of this electric revolution, I know that they are going to be very well looked after in the industry. Potentially, if they want to move on, they will have an awesome career in the renewable energy space and automotive space. It makes me so proud that myenergi is offering full careers, not just for men but for women also. It’s great to see a female founder, I’m proud and I hope it inspires other people.

“I want to provide so many opportunities for future generations. Investing in a high quality HQ was so important, mainly because I wanted to let the local area know that we are market leaders within the space and I wanted to draw more local support and pride in what we’re doing, but also to attract amazing talent, which we have already done. I want to inspire kids. When people drive past, I want them to go ‘What’s that?’ We have got a good presence on social media too, I just wanted it to look cool and trendy. I looked at the other parts on the industry and think we have got such an exciting, eco-smart business.

“myenergi can be a job for life or a springboard for the most amazing career within renewable energy, smart tech, or electric vehicles. It is just bonkers what we are creating, full career paths. And we plan to really develop our staff as well. We really try and listen to their dreams and aspirations, personal development and pride in your work is so important. And yeah, I’m Grimsby and proud.”