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In recent years, Grimsby’s profile has seen a change. There’s been a wave of positivity thanks to dedication and growing faith in the area. Grimbarians is a photo-documentary project that highlights the change happening in and around Grimsby. It tells the stories of the great, fascinating and inspirational people at the heart of the movement, including charitable and religious figures, businessmen and women, and those who have had a positive impact on the town’s perception and morale in their own way.

Dan Clarke

Dan Clarke is a Grimsby born photographer. He founded Grimbarians as a personal photographic project in 2018 to highlight the amazing people that he encountered in the town. He wanted to change the narrative of the town and shout about good things happening.  

“There are so many amazing people doing positive things in the town and improving it. These people are often unheard and go unnoticed, I wanted to showcase them and the great work that they’re doing so that everyone knows about them. If we can just change a few peoples perceptions of the town and the people, then we are on the way to making a difference.” 

You can see Dan’s website and more of his work here.

Grimbarians exhibition, July to October 2019, Grimsby. Copyright Grimbarians 2019.
Grimbarians exhibition, July to October 2019, Grimsby - copyright Grimbarians 2019

Lindsay Cowie

Lindsay is the writer for the Grimbarians project. Throughout her career, she has been telling stories of local people. Like Dan, she is motivated to share the good news that fills Grimsby and bring attention to the people that are making things happen.

 “What I love most about this project is being able to hear about the lives of the Grimbarians and seeing just how much impact they have on other people’s lives – sometimes, they just don’t realise it. You get to see how Grimsby has and continues to play a part in their motive to improve their communities.”


As a C.I.C. we have brought together a small team of Directors that help to advise and guide us in the right direction. Our directors have influence over  how we work as a company and ensure that we stick to the aims we have set out in our articles.