A note from the Grimbarians team…

by | Mar 16, 2020

This is a time when, more than ever, we need to stick together.

It is not a time to think selfishly, but to look out for one another. We need one another to get by and to beat this thing.

It won’t last forever, but we know that there are going to be tough times ahead.

As ever, Grimbarians will continue to bring you good news and uplifting stories for your interest, escapism, and entertainment.

We have shared this note on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles. When you see this update, please use it to offer up your services, such as if you’re collecting supplies for the local food kitchens or are a business adapting your services for those who are social distancing. Comment with your location and if you’re able to help someone in need nearby.

If you are well and able, you can help the vulnerable or less fortunate to a friendly phone call, an offer to pick up supplies, or by walking their pet dog.

And please do continue to share your good news with us and stories of the people making a positive difference to the people in your community. You can always email us at info@grimbarians.co.uk.

Take care, everyone!