Tina Brocklebank is a true make-up artist. The Grimbarian, born and raised in the area, studied make-up at The London College of Fashion before moving to Nottingham to become a freelance make-up artist. Throughout her award-winning career, Tina has created looks for commercials and editorials, TV, theatre and London Fashion Week, and has even worked for the world-respected artist and beauty brand, Bobbi Brown. Tina returned to the area and in 2003, began offering make-up lessons and wedding make-up to women across Lincolnshire from her very own studio, whilst working nationally and internationally, too. In 2016, Tina was named ‘Wedding Make-Up Artist of the Year’ at the Wedding Industry Awards.

She believes that ‘simplicity is the key to beautiful make-up’: “I have always been fascinated by the impact and power that make-up has.  Most of my work includes working with ladies of all ages and ethnicities and I have found that make-up plays a huge role in building confidence and self-esteem.  When applied correctly, with the right products and techniques, make-up can enhance what a person already has, whether it be simply enhancing skin to look its best or by adding subtle definition.  This creates a sense of well-being, as not only do they look good, but feel good.”

Tina’s love for the artistry of make-up was inspired by her own mother, who she says “always looked glamorous, (and still does at 78 years young.) She never left the house without her lippie on and still doesn’t!”

“When I was younger, I was desperate to move away but as I have got older and more settled, I now appreciate Grimsby.  It has influenced my career as it has taught me that you can be anywhere and still do what you love and be successful.  When I moved back home, I thought my make-up career would end, but I soon learned that people are the same wherever you go, and I found a niche here.

“I have an excellent reputation not only in Grimsby, but nationally too, but I do owe a lot of thanks to the wonderful people I meet through my work.  From make-up lessons to wedding work to many other local businesses that I work with on weddings, such as hairdressers and photographers.  A lot of my success has come from the hundreds of women I meet through offering my make-up services and then in turn, recommend me.  A lot of my work is nationally too, so I do make sure I big up Grimsby wherever I go!”