Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish is shipped across the UK and beyond. It’s recognised for its craftmanship, its taste, and its quality. For almost 45 years, Dave Berry has been helping to produce this renowned delicacy.

Born and raised in the town, Dave began working for one of Grimsby’s oldest traditional smokehouses, Alfred Enderby, in 1975, along with his father and older brother. He expertly fillets the haddock and salmon, freshly landed on Grimsby Docks, before preparing the fish for smoking. The fillets are placed into a brine of salt water for a good few minutes, which are then drained on metal rods. In the evening, the fish is hung in the brick chimneys to be smoked over a pit of lit sawdust overnight, achieving its rich, distinctive, smoky flavour. The same slow, artisanal method has been used for over 100 years.

What is it that makes Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish so special? “Because of Grimsby’s place on the east coast and the cool breeze that comes off the North Sea, it makes for the perfect conditions for producing the finest traditional smoked fish.

“It is good to smoke the fish using these methods and keep these skills alive. It would be a shame to confine this traditional way of smoking fish to history.”