In 2011, Kirsty Douglas saw her very first roller derby bout at Grimsby Leisure Centre when Lincoln’s The Imposters took on Manchester Roller Derby, and she fell in love with the game straight away.

“So many strong, inspirational women skating fast and hitting hard, it was amazing to watch. There was such a buzz around the room.”

She practiced her skating and joined the Lincolnshire Bombers Roller Girls, becoming a key team player for just under a year. Then, in 2012, Kirsty met a local lady, Sandra Stewart, who was looking to set up a Grimsby team. The two met up and Grimsby Roller Derby was founded.




‘Kirst Blood’ became the Head Coach, helping to create and train Grimsby Roller Derby’s two teams; The Grim Reavers and The Brothers Grim. Both have taken part in the British Roller Derby Championships, with The Brothers Grim placing 2nd in their first year of taking part and the Grim Reavers currently playing in Tier 3 of the 2019 Championships.

To date, Kirsty has coached over 200 people from the local area. “We wanted to start a team for everyone to come and get fit, have fun and learn some skating skills.

“We teach people everything from the ground up; basic skating skills and safety falls through to contact and gameplay and tactical knowledge. And for those people that do not want to take part in contact, we train them to be referees. For anyone that doesn’t want to skate, we also have non-skating official roles. There is a role for everyone in our GRD family.

“Roller Derby is a very inclusive sport. We have people of all shapes and sizes, all fitness levels and skating abilities coming together to share the love of an amazing sport. Many people say they have tried other sports and exercise routines and it’s not been for them, but with Roller Derby they don’t feel like they’re exercising because they enjoy it so much!

“Roller Derby has very much taken over my life in the best way possible. I love each and every person in the league as if they were my own brother or sister, and would encourage anyone to give it a try.”

Since 2012, Grimsby Roller Derby has done a lot of charity work. Recently, Kirsty and the teams raised over £1,500 for local charity, Not Home Alone.

For anyone who would like to get to know more about the sport, Grimsby Roller Derby have two intake days coming up – Sunday 3rd and Sunday 10th March, 9.30 to 11.30am at Grimsby Leisure Centre.