Richard Askam has turned his inspirational business story into a career as a globe-trotting motivational speaker, spreading the good word of Grimsby along the way.

Born in Cleethorpes, Richard worked in his family’s renowned drinks business for over 20 years. When he took the reins, he transformed the firm into a leading independent wine merchant with a focus on personalisation; it became the UK’s largest personalised gift business. In 2014, Richard took the opportunity of a lifetime to become an instrumental part of Coca Cola’s iconic Share A Coke campaign. With more than 150 million personalised bottles sold, the brand says Share A Coke is one of their most successful campaigns ever.

Richard was asked to deliver a speech on his involvement, which led to his next career move. Following incredible feedback, he sold the shares to his business and embarked on a new adventure as a full-time motivational speaker. Richard has taken to the stage at conferences and events in 14 countries, speaking about his personal and business story as well as his expertise in the business world.

Throughout his career, Richard has used his platform to shout about the greatness of the Grimsby area. Now, he is a part of the significant Greater Grimsby Town Deal.

“My aim is to translate what the deal is into what the deal does for the people of Great Grimsby and how it can inspire future generations to make Grimsby great again. The town has an amazing past of course, but that should only inspire people to guarantee it also has an amazing future too. Just being part of that renaissance would do me!

“I’m a Grimsby boy, it’s home to me and my family and always will be. It has an opportunity to re-invent itself as a town but can only do this with a hefty dose of self-belief. As a public speaker, writer & broadcaster – I have the words to be able to help people see this opportunity and if we can turn the nature of the conversation towards a positive outcome, then anything is possible.”