Charlotte Hay is ‘Grimsby through and through’. She grew up in Healing, went to school in the village, and attended college in Grimsby before moving to London to study and begin her career. Her mum grew up in Healing, her dad in Grimsby, and her Grandpa was even the Mayor of Cleethorpes in 1981.

Now, Charlotte has returned to her home village as an award-winning business woman and co-owner of Healing Manor Hotel, using her wealth of experience and unique take on London’s marketing, styling, and fashion industries to help bring national and international attention to Grimsby’s food and hospitality offering.

Tell us briefly about your career so far.

I moved down to London to study fashion design and marketing at London College of Fashion. I was given the career opportunity of a lifetime at the age of 21 so decided to leave my degree after two years to go and assist and freelance as a Fashion and Celebrity Stylist.

I’ve worked with the likes of Dannii Minogue on her final season of X Factor and her autobiographies, Nigella Lawson, Miranda Hart, Mel C, Kristen Wigg for the press launch of Bridesmaids, amongst many other well-known names and faces and publications such as You, ES, Schon, Stylist, Woman & Home, and Dansk Magazine.

After working three years as a fashion stylist, I moved back home and launched a fashion brand which was previously known as Stella and Alf with my friend Paris with a focus on ethically sourced and made fashion.

Then I moved out of the fashion industry into the food industry. The Creative Larder was born as a marketing and food styling brand with a key focus in building brands with a personality and food styling. I won Young Entrepreneur at the Northern Lincolnshire Business Awards in 2016 and Digital Entrepreneur of the Year at the Lincolnshire Digital Awards in 2018. With a huge thanks to my partner Steve, I began to collate a portfolio of the most incredible clients both locally and globally, including BigFish Brand and TUI.

Somewhere between all of the above, I freelanced as the fashion, food and travel editor in a few publications too, which is when Steve and I met five years ago, as I was reviewing The Comfy Duck for an article.

What is it you love about creative branding and styling? Where does that passion come from?

It’s insane that we can create something so creative and marketable right here in Grimsby and it can be seen anywhere in the world, thanks to the web and modern relationships between companies and creative consultants.

What is your vision for Healing Manor?

Our latest venture this time is together and its Healing Manor. It’s ironic as it’s the village that I grew up in and my mum’s side of the family too. When I moved down to London I never thought that I’d move back here, let alone to Healing Manor. This is still a very new business and we want to build it back up slowly and sustainably. Steve and I have a vision to make it into the best wedding venue, pub and hotel in Lincolnshire, but it’s the team and incredible people we’re surrounded by that will make it so special.

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