Any Grimsby Town Football Club fan will know Andy Carr – he is the Mighty Mariner. Born and raised in Grimsby, Andy was taken to his first GTFC match in 1987 by a friend and his dad, and he has been a loyal supporter ever since.

In 2000, Andy took his dedication to the next level and became the club’s official mascot. For 16 years, he would put on the Mariner costume, head to the pitch, and get the fans fired up with rallying cries and entertaining antics. After a short break for a couple of years, Andy put the costume back on in August 2018, becoming the Mighty Mariner once again.

“When I wear the Mighty outfit, I simply turn in to the character. I remember a conversation with staff at the club about my antics, that they were surprised the FA hadn’t commented, but until they do I’ll carry on entertaining both the adults and the kids! My most memorable moment probably was when I was caught live on tv celebrating a goal by taking the head off, throwing it in the air and back-heeling it on to the pitch!

“Wearing the outfit and representing my home town team in such a different, but great way leaves me with a lot of pride. At the end of the day I was born in this town, so Grimsby are my team – not Man Utd or Liverpool!”

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