Three years ago, Sammie Boyd ‘accidentally’ started a creative agency. Today, many local girls, teenagers, and women are a part of The Model House, travelling to destinations to work with brands whilst building their confidence on, and off, the camera.

Sammie grew up in New Waltham and Grimsby before leaving for university and heading to New York, where she thrived in her career as a fashion model. After returning to Lincolnshire, she travelled to other parts of the country for her modelling work whilst reaching out to photographers for fun, creative test shoots. A photographer got in touch, and so Sammie put an update out on a Grimsby-based Facebook group asking for local girls to take part. By the morning, she had received thousands of notifications. 

Sammie recruited three aspiring models, a hair stylist, make-up artist, and a fashion boutique, and The Model House was created. She realised just how many girls in Grimsby were interested in the fashion industry but didn’t have anywhere to go for solid, supportive information. Today, Team TMH consists of stylists, hair stylists, make-up artsists, photographers and videographers, location scouts and, of course, models, who work with fashion, lifestyle and festival brands to create engaging, aspirational content.

It wasn’t long before Sammie stepped behind the camera herself, creating a natural, free-spirited style that really allowed her models to be comfortable in themselves. She says: “Above all else, I love boosting people’s confidence. I feel that as women, we’ve had about enough of being photoshopped, nipped and tucked. So I tell the girls, they don’t need to have their waists pinched, they don’t need plastic Photoshop on their faces, because they’re all gorgeous. 

“Personality is so much more important and that will shine through. You capture personality, whether it’s their funny side, their confident side or their free-spirited side.


“When you surround these girls with super positive, super confident people, and you tell them how great and strong they are and that they’re a part of an unusual, glittering family, then they start to believe it and they really come out of their shells. You see a change. They have a network of other girls and young women who have their backs, cheer lead for them and give them assurance.”

This summer, The Model House’s team are working with lifestyle and fashion brands as TMH Tribe, travelling to Mykonos, Venice, and Marrakech with even more destinations lined up for 2019. “I’m so proud and excited to be taking our little band of Grimsby models around the world.”