Toni Ann grew up by the Cleethorpes seaside, and her passion for the water, beach and outdoors plays a huge part in her everyday life. In 2011, Toni was introduced to surfing by her husband, Vince, and three years ago had her first go at SUP (stand up paddleboard) – and loved it.

After experiencing a lot of interest from local people, Toni brought SUP to Cleethorpes and founded her watersports lifestyle brand dedicated to physical and mental wellbeing, environmental education and sustainability – EBB & FLO.

Toni is a SUP Instructor, taking local residents out onto the water for playful but calming SUP sessions at sunrise and sunset. In addition to this, she creates bespoke pieces of silver jewellery made with carefully selected seaglass from the beach.

Keeping our beach clean and educating future generations about the importance of protecting the environment means everything to Toni, and since 2016 she has helped to promote the campaigns of Surfers Against Sewage as the charity’s East Coast Rep, literally creating ‘waves of change’. Throughout the year, Toni organises a series of Beach Cleans, encouraging many local residents to help in picking up pieces of marine litter that find their way onto our shore. 

Toni says: “I feel great solicitude for our planet and feel particularly obligated to look after the beach because it’s my place of tranquillity. It doesn’t matter where I am in the world, I always look for a beach. It gives so much to me that my way of giving back is to care for it and inspire others to do the same.

“For the resort, it attracts a community of like-minded people and it spreads positive spirit. The atmosphere on beach clean days is amazing! Ultimately the resort looks clean and tidy and I hope that it shames people to be responsible with their waste.”

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