Paul ‘Skip’ Garnett joined the 1st Cleethorpes Sea Scouts at the age of 9, and now he has been a Sea Scout Leader for 40 years. In that time he’s given hundreds of young people the opportunity to learn the values of Scouting – integrity, respect, care, belief and cooperation – whilst introducing them to traditional Scouting skills and whole raft of nautical activities, from sailing and kayaking to power boating and narrow boating.

A key part of Paul’s role is to encourage the 1st Cleethorpes members to go on and explore these activities in more depth. He makes introductions to clubs and instructors in the area so the young people can develop their skills even further. The Group is also part Royal Navy Recognition Scheme, meaning the Sea Scouts can take part in official Royal Navy training and activities.

Currently, the 1st Cleethorpes Sea Scouts has a membership of over 80 young people with 15 adult volunteers. It’s Paul’s role to be responsible for the whole team, providing weekly activities as well as camps and expeditions. Paul says: “Scouting is 110 years old, but it’s still very relevant today. Given I’ve been a member of Sea Scouts for 54 years, it speaks for itself.”